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"The Midnight Venus," Trisha
石田☆ルゥ (Rue☆Ishida)

ミッドナイト・ヴィーナス (Midonito Vīnasu)

Sex Female ?
Age Unknown
Hair Crimson Red
Eyes Dark Blue
Body Sexy & Gorgeous
ENG VA Erin Fitzgerald
JPN VA 皆川 純子 (Junko Minagawa)
"When the night sky fills with glamour, a lovely story awaits you!"

Official BioEdit

The hostess of the Golden Playhouse. Her iconic afro is only one of her many charms. She presents Vincent's story to us, and takes us to the point where his nightmares first began.

--(From the official website)

In the GameEdit

Trisha is the presenter for the Golden Playhouse, framing it by introducing and closing it out. At the end, she has a short monologue of the morals of the game (in the style of the television show the Golden Playhouse is based on), and comments about the ending, giving a glimpse into the future for all non-Bad endings. She also presents the Babel and Colosseum game modes.

After unlocking the Axis Mundi Babel stage, Trisha explains in a cutscene her true identity. "Trisha" is an anagram for Ishtar as it was her true name, the Babylonian goddess of fertility and love. She also reveals that she had a much more active part in the story because Astaroth, the Mysterious Voice in the Confessionals, was one of her avatars. She dismisses all the explanations Astaroth and Dumuzid gave for the Nightmares and states the only reason for it all was because she wants a new consort, as she grew tired of Dumuzid's cheating ways. She issues Axis Mundi as the player's (not Vincent's) last challenge to be worthy of her.

After completing Axis Mundi, she breaks the fourth wall in a short cutscene to accept the player as her consort. At the end of the level, there is a secret ending of Ishtar where she is seen walking down the hallways and being glad to let her afro hair down after the player's wins for her heart when she is at the doorway, the unseen player begin to open up for Ishtar as she seductively comforted about the golden playhouse and handled the realm at the Axis Mundi at which she seems to flirted with the unseen player as it is dying to meet Ishtar. She was also excited to be with the player it is possible that she and the unseen player made love with each other when she said " Well then...congratulations, and now let's celebrate."

Significant plot details end here.


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