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Thomas Mutton
牧半神ドゥムジ (Dumuzid the Shepherd Demigod)
トーマス・マトン (Tōmasu Maton)
マスター (Masutā)
Image 43
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Hair Middle Gray
Eyes Red Sclera with Black Line-like Pupils
Occupation Consort to Ishtar

Bar Owner/Bartender

ENG VA Kirk Thornton
JPN VA 若本 規夫 (Norio Wakamoto)
"I swear on the name of Dumuzid, the Shepherd, consort of Ishtar! Your ass is mine, punk! Prepare yourself!"

Dumuzid is an immortal demigod, though his only duties appear to be carrying out Ishtar's will. The player first meets him as Boss, and is later introduced as Thomas Mutton before being finally identified as Dumuzid.


Catherine - 8th Day00:00

Catherine - 8th Day

Dumuzid is the name bestowed upon him by Astaroth when he ascended: in his human life, he was known as Thomas Mutton. When working at the Stray Sheep, he is simply known as Boss.

Born human, Thomas doesn't speak much of his mortal life. He mentions a long-standing problem with alcohol in his 20's and 30's where he would often end up in embarrassing and mysterious circumstances. He married after that, and subsequently cheated on his wife with a young woman while she was away on vacation. She reacted violently, and it can be assumed this is when he started having the Nightmares.

He climbed Ishtar's tower successfully, as Vincent does in the main game. Impressed with him, Ishtar granted him a wish: godhood, and a place as her consort.

Thomas still speaks fondly of his wife, despite their history.

It's not clear how old Thomas is, though Lindsay and Martha both speak of two men who succeeded in the Great Trials: one 300 years ago, who was given a fortune, and one 700 years ago, who was given the world. It could be assumed Thomas was given the world, godhood, and is 700+ years old.


Thomas spends the majority of the game dispensing romantic advice to Vincent by stealing other people's quotes. These quotes are usually damning to relationships, and meant to discourage him from trying to continue on with Katherine. This tendency to use other people's words continues during the final fight, where most of what he says is taken from other video games or pop culture.

Though a demigod, his cool facade is easily broken in the real world to reveal someone a lot more submissive, and easily intimidated.

He also has a reputation for being promiscuous; this is the main reason Ishtar gives for wanting to replace him.


Astaroth states that the Great Trials were created by Dumuzid, after he beat a version of them himself. He is the one that explains the trials' true purpose, and the one responsible for choosing each victim, using his occupation and business as a form of intelligence-gathering and keeping an eye on his targets.

He also constructed the Rapunzel arcade game, as a way to ease the shift into the nightmares by familiarizing his victims with its mechanics.

Although Vincent forced him to stop the nightmares when he became the Man of Legends, it's not clear if this is permanent, as Dumuzid ultimately answers to Ishtar's wishes.

The Trivia for Tonight.....Edit

  • Thomas still wears his wedding ring in his mortal form as Boss.
  • Dumuzid's true eyes are bright red, and show the male symbol ♂ in his right eye, and the female symbol ♀ in his left.
  • Erica says she repeatedly turns Boss' advances down, and tells rumors about his sexual appetite and the reason he wears shades (to hide from an angry ex-girlfriend). Boss never actually flirts or hits on any character, from what the player can see.
  • Though portrayed as slightly demonic in-game, the Babylonian god Dumuzid was actually the god of food and vegetation.
  • In Babylonian lore, Dumuzid the Shepherd was damned to the Underworld by Ishtar after his lack of respect to her.
  • The "Thomas" of Thomas Mutton may be a reference to Tammuz, Dumuzid's counterpart in the Sumerian version of the Ishtar underworld myth.
  • During Empireo, Boss states that he is the "Morning Star". Whether or not this means he is or is connected to Lucifer has not been explained in the story.
  • Thomas' last name, Mutton (sheep meat), is another of many references to sheep. Particularly, the name of his bar and how he "herds" the sheep into the trials. Interestingly, you can read the dish, White Mutton, written on the blackboard beside him. One possibility being it may allude to him, a Mutton wearing white.
  • In one of the quotes during the loading screens late in the game, Thomas Mutton innocuously states, "A dream is something that will disappear no matter how much you wish it to believe it". This is actually a pretty interesting interjection considering what Vincent just dreamt about the previous night, his struggle and triumph over that particular nightmare, and how it all meant nothing the next day. (Think about it. Not putting spoilers here.)
  • Thomas Mutton's sex has been erroneously listed as "Female" in the Venus Mode Art Book.
  • During the last nightmare stage towards the end he references Castlevania 2 by saying "It's a wonderful night for a curse."
  • The name Thomas Mutton may be a reference to the economist Thomas Malthus, who wrote a few papers on population dynamics.
  • One of Dumuzid's attacks involves shooting a large area of blocks and floors with a laser, he exclaims "Dumuzid Beam" as the laser comes from his eye, this is a reference to the Mikuru Beam from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as the attack destroys a large portion of the lower blocks, much like how the Mikuru Beam could cut something with ease. The eyes used to fire the Beam, however, are opposite.


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